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About Us

About Bullmark

We develop agricultural business adding value in production stages.

We’re involved with greater focus in the following business: Popcorn specialties production Soya seed production Seed and legumes cleaning and packing Supply chain management

What do we do?

We participate during the entire production chain, from projects about farming, cleaning and packing, to final delivery to our international customers

Our Infrastructure

Some concrete numbers about Bullmark:

More than twenty years of experience in popcorn and soya.
More than 10000 storage tonnes
More than thirty clients who rely on us.
Bagging capacity of 8000 bags daily.

We have 100% loyalty from our customers

The distinctive value of our company is the high dedication of the owners in the services provided.

Who we are?


The distinctive value of our company is the high dedication of the owners in the service provision, it has led to a growing customer base, but more significantly of the tonnage per customer submitted to our plant.

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Raquel Molinari

Engineer in Agricultural Production (UCA)
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Estanislao López Molinari

Engineer in Agricultural Production (UCA)
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Juan Pablo López Molinari

Degree in Business Economics (UTDT)
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Gustavo López Tejo

Agricultural Engineer

Our area of influence has center in the city of Junin, Buenos Aires. In that location we have our commercial offices, deposits and processing facilities. On National Route 7 and 188.

We can process 15.000 ton a year in our processing plant. It has 6.500 ton of instant storage and 10.000 ton of transit storage.






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Our Services

1 - Field Production

Production quality from the farm to final product: we work in every detail in order to guarantee the best quality for our products. We select especially which seed to sow for each farm, also start making quality tests to the seeds before sowing.

2 - Harvest

Harvest control: during harvest, we conduct standardized tests of mechanical damage caused by the harvester to avoid damage to the minimum. This is critical to ensure the quality for seeds and popcorn (mainly the expansion). Traceability: is to truck the merchandise collected from the batch of origin through records with documentation to back it up.

3 - Reception and conditioning

Beginning the storage in the plant: We use cleaning screens in reception to remove impurities and to allow for proper aeration of the grains. Special mechanism to slower transport speed to decrease the mechanical damage of cereal to a minimum. Automated aeration system (stabilization). The plant is equipped with axial type aerators in flight silos and centrifugal type aerators in the screening floor silo. It has a design that allows uniform distribution of the air in the total volume of stored grains. We only use natural air to treat the moisture and temperature. The automated aeration system establish a uniform temperature of 13°C, point at which the biological activity of bacteria and fungi minimizes. For safe storage, we work with moisture between 12° and 14%. Periodically make quality test in our lab during the different stages of process and storage.

4 - Cereal process

Conveyor belts transportation system: The plant has only a conveyor belts for handling grains. Mechanical damage is practically zero. No contamination: it minimizes the risk of contamination of strange matters or grains of other cereals or oilseeds, the belts area easily clean without leaving a single grain in the extraction system. Introduction into the silo: Processing Capacity: 60 tons per day. We work closely with customers to ensure their products achieve the highest quality.

5 - Packing and shipping

Packing: currently work with all types of packaging commonly used in foreign trade. We specially work our own brand “Kingcorn”, but also do brands under the requirements and specifications of our clients that need to a product ready to market upon receipt at destination. Packages for export are: poly-paper bags 50 lb or 10/20/25 Kg; polypropylene bags 50 kg; Big bags 1.000Kg. Eventually, also do for domestic market in smaller packaging (500 grams or 1 kilo). Shipping: We have the appropriate infrastructure to load containers in our plant in Junin.

6 - Exportation

We have a vast experience in managing all matters for international trade, from contracting the vessel, to general documentation relating to the load (Commercial invoice, weight certificates, fumigation certificates, Certificate of origin, No-GMO certificate, and any certificate requested by the client). Main export destinations: South Africa, Chile, USA, Brazil, Turkey, Ecuador, Colombia, Arab Emirates, etc.

Own Products


We start selecting the best hybrids for each farm in order to achieve the best quality production for butterfly and mushroom popcorn! In recent years, we work in associated farming ventures with our customers: start discussing which hybrids to plant, and keep informing monthly about the situation of the cultivars and production in every step. We guarantee traceability from farm to bag. All hybrids we plant are NON-GMO. We love producing this amazing food, healthy and nutritive!! Qualities for popcorn: – Expansion: 38/40, 40/42, 42/44. – Size (K10): 48/55, 60/65, 65/75. – Explosion: Minimum 98%. – Moisture: 13,0% – 14,5%. Packaging: – Multiwall kraft paper bags of 10, 20 ó 25 kgs, 50 pounds. – Polypropylene bags de 40 kgs, 100 pounds. – Bigbags 1.000 kilograms.


Becasuse of our customers demand, we started processing and packing green peas. We recently install a color sorter machine. Quality for green peas: – Size: between 4,5 a 7 mm. – Moisture: Max 12% – Bleach: Max 5% Packaging: – Polypropylene bags of 20 or 40 kilograms. – Bigbags of 1.000 kilograms. – Bulk container


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Mailling address: Malvinas Argentinas 128 
 Processing facility: Chile y Ruta 188 – Junín, CP 6000, Buenos Aires
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